The Next Episode

This has been a truly epic year.

What started out as a slow march towards finishing these recordings has snowballed into some real momentum. I get out of bed excited for the day. I get up at 6am now for F's sake. Who am I?!

Releasing "Stick To Yer Guns", "Can't Move On" and finally "Bad People" was amazing. I am actually proud of all these songs. Then the Bad People EP came out.

Getting on stage again... that is where it is at. The Bad People EP release party at El Cid was nuts, and then we kicked off the summer tour. Cities are like people, and they all have different personalities. I love you Folsom, Ashland, Seattle, Port Townsend, Portland, Eureka, Santa Cruz, Pacifica, San Francisco & San Diego.

Back in LA now. Been all over, to Nashville, Denver, Dallas... It's time to get in the studio and record some singles. Thank you for supporting me. I do what I love to do, every single day. I love you guys from the bottom of my heart. :) Stay friggen tuned.